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Letter to Ashleigh

Publish by on September 21, 2016

Hello Ashleigh- I would like to be put on the waiting list to hear Professor Lippstadt speak. Is it possible to ask questions? May questions be submitted in writing? Here are my questions:
  1. Prof. Lippstadt has claimed that the trial

Letter to Jasper Community Habitat for the Art

Publish by on August 14, 2016

Jasper Community Habitat for the Art Box 2397 Jasper betabake@gmail.com Hello Habitat for the Arts Att: Mr. Baker: We at Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust have heard that Habitat for the Arts has punished a creative and productive…

Letter to Editor Jasper Fitzhugh

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Nicole Veerman EDITOR 626 Connaught Dr. Jasper, Alberta T0E 1E0 editor@fitzhugh.ca Hello Jasper Fitzhugh- I am a member of the Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust. I would like to respectfully comment on Mr. Jacobs’ post of today wherein…

Important Documents

Here you will find some of Bradley’s work as an author and some preview chapters for you to read. They are all good and informational publications but we specially recommend r…
Fighting Holocaust Denial in Campus Newspaper Advertisements By ADL and HILLEL
Here is the perfect example of how information is kept from students on campuses across America, and how students are taught, in turn, to betray the American ideal of intellectual f…
In 2006 Bradley R Smith Spoke at The Tehran International Conference to Review the Global Vision of the Holocaust.
New York Times / TEHRAN December 11, 2006, “Holocaust deniers and skeptics from around the world gathered at a government-sponsored conference here today to discuss their theo…